Make Thanksgiving Stress-free With Our Ready-To-Cook Thanksgiving Dinner Kit

With The Thanksgiving Dinner Prep Kit You can Host with Confidence and Spend Quality Time with The People You Love Most.

  • Prepare An Entire Thanksgiving Dinner in 4-5 Hours 
  • Organic Handpicked Fresh- never -frozen Winter's Turkey
  • All Sides Prepped & Turkey Dry Brined And Ready To Pop Into The Oven

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Host Thanksgiving


We Deliver You An Easy And Enjoyable Experience, So You Can Host and Be Part Of Your Thanksgiving Dinner This Year

  • All Sides prepped & Turkey dry brined and ready to pop into the oven
  • Prepare An Entire Thanksgiving Dinner In 4-5 Hours With Step By Step Easy To Follow Instructions
  • Spend less time prepping and more time enjoying with family & friends

"This dinner was so incredibly easy to prepare! I received so many compliments from everyone & with my family being so big i was a bit concerned with the portions but we had way more than enough to go around plus leftovers!"~Stephanie G.

Our Turkey Dinner Thanksgiving Kit Makes Thanksgiving as Easy as 1..2..3

Place an order for your Thanksgiving Prep Kit from the comfort of your own home & avoid the last minute rush of grocery stores

Cook Turkey in the oven, heat up the sides & place them into beautiful serving dishes

Enjoy laughs and make memories with your friends and family

Our Turkey Dinner Kit


Traditional At Home Turkey Dinners

Our Clients Experience

"It was the most memorable dinner yet...something about dinners at home that are so much more special"

I really enjoyed the entire experience with my turkey dinner kit! The delivery was extremely smooth (it almost felt wrong that I wasn't cooking anything). I was nervous it wouldn't feed all of us since it was my first kit of any kind, but to my surprise its quite a large kit with tons of food. The quality of food is remarkable! Saying the turkey was juicy and full of flavour is a complete understatement. It's the best turkey i've had hands down!! Overall my entire family loved everything, we enjoyed it for lunch the next day. It was the most memorable dinner yet... something about dinners at home that are so much more special. I can actually say I got to enjoy my family this year on this rare occasion that we all gathered together.

What Our Thanksgiving Dinner Kit Includes: 

We Keep It Simple For You 

Each Thanksgiving Dinner Kit comes with detail instructions on exactly how long each dish needs to be heated for/ oven temperature

Fresh Organic Free-Range Turkey

Farmed Locally by Winters Farms

Our Turkey comes uncooked and dry-brined so it is completely seasoned and Ready to Cook in the Oven 

What's Included:

Price: $349.99

  • Ready to Roast Turkey Dinner and Easy to Follow Instructions Feeds 8-12)
  • Large Portion of Our Chefs "special turkey stuffing"
    (Feeds 8-12)
  • Large Portion of lean on meals Mashed golden potatoes (Feeds 8-12) 
  • Large Portion of Our Honey Dill Carrots. (Feeds 8-12) 
  • Large Serving Of Our Freshly Made Sun-dried Tomato Gravy (Feeds 8-12) 
  • Large Serving of Our Freshly Made Cranberry Raspberry Sauce (Feeds 8-12) 
  • FREE Sweet Pumpkin Pie From Pie Junkie *Limited Supply Of Pumpkin Pie's. If Unavailable The Pie Will Be Replaced With Another Seasonal Special  

Our Featured Sides

Your sides come cooked to perfection, and ready to be Reheated in your Oven

Lean on Meals 'Special Turkey Stuffing'

*Feeds 8-12 people

Lean on Meals Cranberry Raspberry Sauce

And Sun-Dried Tomato Gravy

*Feeds 8-12 people

Lean on Meals Golden Mashed Potatoes Prepared with Diamond Kosher Salt and Grass-Fed Butter 

*Feeds 8-12 people

Lean on Meals Honey Dill Carrots

*Feeds 8-12 people

Enjoy Your FREE

 Sweet Pumpkin Pie From Pie Junkie With Your Turkey Kit Order

Complete your Family Gathering with Something Special
Each Individual Pie is Handcrafted and Topped With Fresh Whipped Cream.
Feeds 8-12 people.

*Limited Supply of pumpkin pie's. If unavailable the pie will be replaced with another seasonal special 

Meet Our Head Chef Zach Plamadon

"My goal with creating this kit was to bring a true chef experience into the homes of people who love to enjoy great food with great people"

Hand PickedI like to hand pick each of my turkey's to make sure there are plenty of left overs... because you can never have enough thanksgiving dinner left over!

The Perfect TurkeyQuality is a huge factor when it comes to cooking a perfectly tender and juicy turkey thats why I only get them from Winter's Turkeys- Their Fresh never frozen and cook through evenly, they hold the flavour and every bite is mouth watering!

Testing My RecipesCrafting recipes is a hobby of mine, any chance I get I'm in the kitchen testing. I've been perfecting my Turkey dinner recipe for the past 10 years and have finally put together the most amazing combination of ingredients that taste just as amazing when reheated!

My Cooking Method-I cook the sides/ sauces to the perfect temperature so when they are warmed up they don't taste like soggy leftovers but just as if they were freshly taken out of the oven, steamy, crispy, and ready to be enjoyed!

Our Clients Experience's With Our Turkey Dinner Kits

"We received way more than we expected, so tons of leftovers..."

We really enjoyed our turkey dinner kit for Christmas. I've never personally done any type of kit before so I was hesitant, but boy was I glad my wife and I went with it! We received way more than we expected, so tons of leftovers... I was enjoying Christmas dinner the whole week! Thats a win win for me

Kevin M.

"So flavourful, i couldn't imagine doing all this work myself "

I loved everything about our turkey dinner! Really fed the whole family (inlaws, kids, husband, myself)! So flavourful, i couldn't imagine doing all this work myself especially with my busy schedule

Ashley H.

"I was sooo pleased at how how juicy and tender the turkey was "

This was my first time hosting a Thanksgiving dinner... with strangers! I had no idea where to begin or what to prepare that everyone would enjoy. My biggest fear was serving a dry turkey... but I was sooo pleased at how how juicy and tender the turkey was. The instructions were extremely easy to follow and I appreciate how well everything was put together. Everyone enjoyed it so much we can't wait to do it again!

Gillian T.

Get $50 OFF Your Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner!

Enter Code: 50THANKSGIVING To Get $50 OFF

Hurry Offer Expires Wednesday October 7th!